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When I do get out and about, I frequent a coffee shop around the corner from my mother’s dollhouse. Since moving to the countryside, I have had no concept of time — no deadlines imposed on me or by me. Shedding my comfortable batik caftan for street clothes is considered a task best left for another day. Days turn into more days before I am lured out mostly because of necessity: grocery shopping, an unavoidable meeting or irritating medical checkups. Otherwise, I keep the world at bay if only to…read more

Week 2 (Photography)

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“Can You Still Laugh?” by Adrian Paul S. Urbano   “Lami ini. Tilawa galeng” by Cobbie Cebrero-Karagdag   Untitled by Michael C. Tesch   Untitled by Ralph Rovie S. Eya   “Golden Dawn; Spirit” by Ma. Teresa Suratos

A Collaborative Art Show

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Although we thought that museums and art galleries were being less visited, and live performances were being less watched and heard, the art scene still thrives. In the advent of social media, interest in the arts among young people (or Millenials) has soared to unprecedented heights as people share the passion that created art. This movement is “collaborative art”: a fusion of different arts such as literature, dance, theatre, music, visual arts, and film. Seeing such performances is a spectacle in itself, not only because they are unique, but the…read more