Week 2 (Photography)

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“Can You Still Laugh?” by Adrian Paul S. Urbano   “Lami ini. Tilawa galeng” by Cobbie Cebrero-Karagdag   Untitled by Michael C. Tesch   Untitled by Ralph Rovie S. Eya   “Golden Dawn; Spirit” by Ma. Teresa Suratos

A Collaborative Art Show

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Although we thought that museums and art galleries were being less visited, and live performances were being less watched and heard, the art scene still thrives. In the advent of social media, interest in the arts among young people (or Millenials) has soared to unprecedented heights as people share the passion that created art. This movement is “collaborative art”: a fusion of different arts such as literature, dance, theatre, music, visual arts, and film. Seeing such performances is a spectacle in itself, not only because they are unique, but the…read more

The 2008 Covers Project (Revived)

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On July 22, 2008, ArtinSite magazine made an open call to Filipino artists around the world. Three thousand covers were reserved for the project: one art piece per cover. More than 1700 artists from all over the world submitted their artwork for the magazine cover. Unfortunately, the magazine didn’t make it past the debut issue. All the artworks were held in a dark storage until the light of day and a new project would come along to revive the incredible effort. Then more bad luck. Typhoon Glenda destroyed many artworks…read more

Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival

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Editor’s note: Once a year the island of Mindoro and its Mangyan communities are invaded by local and international musicians and artists to celebrate the annual Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival. Held at the foot of Mount Malasimbo, the merry-making participants of the festival delight in an eclectic showcasing of music, dance and visual arts. The annual March festival provides a venue for the Mangyan people to introduce their culture and traditions, and established and upcoming artists to promote their art. The festival not only showcases music and the arts,…read more