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When I do get out and about, I frequent a coffee shop around the corner from my mother’s dollhouse. Since moving to the countryside, I have had no concept of time — no deadlines imposed on me or by me. Shedding my comfortable batik caftan for street clothes is considered a task best left for another day. Days turn into more days before I am lured out mostly because of necessity: grocery shopping, an unavoidable meeting or irritating medical checkups. Otherwise, I keep the world at bay if only to…read more

Week 2 (Photography)

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“Can You Still Laugh?” by Adrian Paul S. Urbano   “Lami ini. Tilawa galeng” by Cobbie Cebrero-Karagdag   Untitled by Michael C. Tesch   Untitled by Ralph Rovie S. Eya   “Golden Dawn; Spirit” by Ma. Teresa Suratos