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When I do get out and about, I frequent a coffee shop around the corner from my mother’s dollhouse. Since moving to the countryside, I have had no concept of time — no deadlines imposed on me or by me. Shedding my comfortable batik caftan for street clothes is considered a task best left for another day. Days turn into more days before I am lured out mostly because of necessity: grocery shopping, an unavoidable meeting or irritating medical checkups. Otherwise, I keep the world at bay if only to…read more

killing spree

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“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…” — The Mourning Bride, by William Congreve
 “There’s something I need to tell you.” She hated hearing those words. She heard it twice before. Once when her mother broke the news that her grandmother had died.

The second time was when her world fell apart. Tired from squatting on the ground, she stood up from her spot in the endless multitude of people that surrounded her. The reek of humanity engulfed her and threatened to suffocate her as she jostled her way through…read more


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Sun washed streets of San Miguel In the province of Laguna Palms wave Children shout Outstretched hands Eyes of night Teeth like gravestones Hard brown feet Men pass you in jeepnys Ahorse and afoot Fragile fighting roosters Cradled tenderly In tattooed arms Fighting roosters of Laguna Most marvelous And resplendent Feathers blood red Orchid gold Undertaker black, lily white Idlers lounge about The dusty arena Laugh, make eyes At the soft drink girls Some well fed in their barongs Sleek, fat hips, Oily smirks Others dapper, half-Castillian Tap tailored cigarettes…read more

shooting the moon

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Book Review: Children of the Ever-Changing Moon (Essays by Young Moro Writers) edited by Gutierrez Mangansakan II, Anvil Publishing, 2007 The word “Moro” has unfortunately suffered a negative image in modern society. It has come to connote violence, rebelliousness and divisiveness to anyone who reads newspapers everyday. With many still equating the word with “terrorism” and “jihad,” it is perhaps fair to say that the Islamic face in modern literature has been stifled. Children of the Ever-Changing Moon, an anthology of essays by young Moro writers, is a refreshing glimpse into contemporary Muslim…read more