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Editor’s note: When Patis Tesoro speaks, you listen because her words pull you in and you come away having learned something worthwhile. I love to listen to her talk. Not very many people have the gift of magnetic gab — Patis does.   This bohemian-hippie couturier of San Pablo City, Laguna, is known for her mixture of colors and designs using indigenous Philippine materials and hand-painted images. Yes, that is her delicious game. Filipina Vogue a La Mode. We hope you enjoy our photo essay and the short film by Owen…read more

the rise of modern manila

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After the capital was occupied by the Americans, ‘modern’ Manila began to emerge even while the U.S. military was still fighting Aguinaldo’s army. Parks, promenades, thoroughfares, and new buildings were constructed. An immense ice factory was erected on the south side of the Pasig River, and Clarke’s ice cream became available (in 1899) at an ice cream parlor/candy shop/café set up at Plaza Moraga in Binondo. The Colegio Filipino was established in 1900, the first private non-sectarian university, founded by Mariano Jhocson and later named the National University. The first…read more


the b’laans of lamlifew
a living museum

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I kgetu gu de bong banwe Muna de kdee Mne gu de Dwata kafye laweh. De ksakay gu de aweng mayeng, mdel i do kfe Do kmangil ago de kelil, ende teen gu banwe Elmingil ago di kwanan, ye lego teen labon bukay kento gu kurong, ye fandam go Dwata, ko lende ge di lawil gu La gamsakay agu eweng mayeng gembet ani, naku lende malbang to tmebeng la gafat ago de banwe ni Tay kafye de lawil go na di dadto tmabeng di gami Doen man dad nga flinge…read more