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Consider J. Orosa Paraiso’s art. The first impression one has of his circular-designed metal artwork is “Wow, that sucker looks heavy! How much does it weigh?” If you’re smart, you will stick with that comment, and not run the risk of putting the proverbial foot in mouth by pretending to possess the requisite savoir-faire reserved for art critics. Being a non-art critic, and only possessing a deep appreciation for artistic talents, I reserved comment until I dug beneath the surface; my inquisitive nature needed to delve into the whys and…read more



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The Tagalog word bigyan means to give. This is not a language lesson, but rather a look at Ugu Bigyan, the potter from Tiaong, Quezon. Because the name fits. Bigyan’s artwork, his creative technique, his feel-good home that is open to the public for luncheons and gatherings; his artistry, cooking and pottery demos and art gallery have been featured in many newspapers and magazines. But not much has been written about this mild-mannered, generous man with an infectious and heartwarming laugh. Ugu Bigyan is an artist, an accomplished cook and…read more