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Editor’s note: When Patis Tesoro speaks, you listen because her words pull you in and you come away having learned something worthwhile. I love to listen to her talk. Not very many people have the gift of magnetic gab — Patis does.   This bohemian-hippie couturier of San Pablo City, Laguna, is known for her mixture of colors and designs using indigenous Philippine materials and hand-painted images. Yes, that is her delicious game. Filipina Vogue a La Mode. We hope you enjoy our photo essay and the short film by Owen…read more

Yvette Co

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Editor’s note: Ginhawa Craft Studio Café is in the Alumni Park Plaza at the University of the Philippines in Los Baños, Laguna. By transforming a water plant building into an art center/cafe, Yvette Co has created a haven for budding artists. The café offers workshops for children, and artists collaborate with Yvette on art projects. It also serves food for those craving Fil-Chin cuisine. The café is small, but has space enough for sketch pads, and woodworking projects spill out onto the lawn. All in all, a very cool spot to…read more


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When I do get out and about, I frequent a coffee shop around the corner from my mother’s dollhouse. Since moving to the countryside, I have had no concept of time — no deadlines imposed on me or by me. Shedding my comfortable batik caftan for street clothes is considered a task best left for another day. Days turn into more days before I am lured out mostly because of necessity: grocery shopping, an unavoidable meeting or irritating medical checkups. Otherwise, I keep the world at bay if only to…read more

The 2008 Covers Project (Revived)

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On July 22, 2008, ArtinSite magazine made an open call to Filipino artists around the world. Three thousand covers were reserved for the project: one art piece per cover. More than 1700 artists from all over the world submitted their artwork for the magazine cover. Unfortunately, the magazine didn’t make it past the debut issue. All the artworks were held in a dark storage until the light of day and a new project would come along to revive the incredible effort. Then more bad luck. Typhoon Glenda destroyed many artworks…read more


Pierre Patricio

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Pierre F. Patricio was born on February 20, 1960 in Dumalag, Capiz, Philippines. He began showing an interest in the arts at five-years old and dreamed of becoming an artist. He created various forms and shapes using clay soil from his backyard. When he wasn’t dabbling with clay, he drew sketches on available wall space. His dream of being an artist and pursuing a degree in Fine Arts was put on hold. Succumbing to parental pressure and concerns regarding the hazards, pitfalls and no income profession of artists, Patricio pursued…read more