In Her Own Words

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   Identifying herself a lesbian, Lacorte tackled issues on gender and discrimination that inspired her works in solo and group exhibitions like Lesbianarama 2k1and Batu-batuhinangLangit, TapakanSinongMagagalit?(2001) in UP Diliman, Walang Kokontra (2002) in the Cultural Center of the Philippines with Anting-Anting artist group, TITAMARIAALMA(2002) in Surrounded by Water Gallery with Tita Lim, Maria Taniguchi and Alma Quinto, and Agi-anan: Visayas Biennale(2010) curated by Rueben Cañete in Cebu. Her recent works focuses on the effects of globalization, particularly on the wastage and recycling of materials and found objects that turned into…read more