Art in Site  


ART IN SITE = Place of significant event = Work in Progress

ArtinSite is a Filipino art and culture magazine. Founded in 2008, ArtinSite Magazine covers visual art, literature, music, performing arts, photography, film and theatre. The magazine’s primary focus is Filipino culture and the arts.

Our philosophy is simple: to globally showcase and promote the Filipino’s brilliant artistic talent, our vast and distinct cultural heritage; to impart knowledge through culture and the arts to our youth; to inform, interpret, entertain, invite dialogue and food for thought.

Art in Site magazine provides what is currently missing: coverage and insightful treatment of Filipino artists and writers – in the Philippines and abroad – an intelligent perspective on our own history and distinct culture, plus interaction with educators and students.

We offer thought-provoking dialogue to get the creative juices flowing, challenge and fuel the imagination, and generally bring the arts onto center stage, where it belongs.

Art in Site is an online convening venue that also serves as a cooperative for Filipino culture and the arts.

We are interested in artists whose works push boundaries in content and form, and whose passion involves challenging the status quo with community involvement. The Philippines has so many brilliant artist and writers with untapped talents and little possibility of exposure; of sharing their art here and abroad. AIS will serve as a representative for the creative talent of our artistic community and cultural heritage.

We will provide a platform for a diversity of voices — both emerging and established artists, students and untapped talents, educators and art enthusiasts — to promote the use of the arts in an all-encompassing, provocative discourse about our communities and ourselves.

Art in Site believes in the powerful role that Filipino culture and the arts can contribute in the increase of public awareness, education and nation building. It will also put the spotlight on the urgent need to increase funding for artists, and culture-related projects.

In the last 20 years, support for the arts in the Philippines has dramatically declined, so has public interest in our heritage, art and culture. It is urgent we address this issue head on — right now. AIS is just one of many whose aim is to represent the art(s) community’s collective effort to push this undertaking for renewed interest, funding and participation in the Arts.

Art in Site is committed to supporting our cultural heritage, and Filipino artists — wherever they are around the world — by promoting dialogue to ensure that their varied and unique voices become part of the larger conversation to strengthen our communities and country.

Patricia Laurel | Editor